More jazz, less orchestra.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot designs, develops and operates digital business models for ambitious clients.

We believe that ever-evolving technology and great user experiences are the key to sustainable success in any industry. We employ some of the best experts in tech to build solutions that inherently encourage growth, speed and constant renewal. We are experts at what we are doing, but not at what we will be doing in a few years. To make sure this message will always ring true, we created an environment and working methodology in which continuous evolution is the key to success. Our solutions are build to inherently encourage growth, speed and constant renewal.

At Whiskey Tango Foxtrot systems and processes are just tools. Teamwork and individual excellence are of the highest importance.

We believe in finding the sweet spot between seemingly conflicting goals.

  • We use agile frameworks.
    But they are not our religion.
  • We don’t need project managers.
    But we manage our projects efficiently.
  • We ask team members to fulfill their role.
    But we never hide behind roles.
  • We commit to milestones and deadlines.
    But we make sure that sustainable quality is ensured.
  • We believe technology is the key to success.
    But we never die in beauty.
  • We ask everyone to pitch in when it’s needed.
    But we compensate accordingly.
  • We require professionalism of everyone.
    But we have fun all the time.
  • We believe in the power of independent teams.
    But we never solve problems twice.
  • We ask everyone to help our clients and others.
    But everyone also gets a lot of help in return.