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Disclaimer: We are not yet allowed to report on all projects we are currently working on - but as soon as they see the light of day, we will of course change that immediately!

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Mission? Climate protection!

Are you coming? On our way to a green miracle? We're doing it together with our partner RENOWATE, because together we have a vision: the realization of numerous energy-efficient refurbishments of existing properties. To achieve the EU climate protection goals. For the preservation of our earth. That's why we have developed a digital platform that enables exactly that: the management of the construction process on the one hand and the networking and involvement of all stakeholders on the other.
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Emilia is right!

Without much frills but simple. And for everyone. That's Emilia. A legal protection insurance policy that we have brought to life digitally with our partner of the same name, setting an industry-independent example. Because: Emilia is the first legal protection insurance that is easily accessible, affordable and understandable online for everyone. So that everyone can claim their own rights without barriers. Regardless of age, gender, education, income and mental and physical condition.
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Simply insured!

Insurance policies are often complicated and involve lengthy processes that are difficult for customers to understand. At, however, visitors quickly find what they are looking for and can enjoy new insurance coverage in no time at all. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ensures the technical operation of the platform, continuously develops it and provides marketing support.
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